PPR is Partial Page Rendering, similarly to Ajax. It is used to dynamically refresh the part of page.It is done with the use of partial triggers.

For better understanding , i will explain by an example.

In Any .jspx page we have one table (table1) and one command button(button1) label ‘Delete’. On clicking the Delete

button it will call the procedure and delete some records from table. After deleting the records the table should refresh. For this we can make the ‘AutoSumbit’ property of an Button to “TRUE” .Copy the Unique id of Command button i.e. Button1 and paste in the partial trigger property of the table.

Only table will refresh dynamically.

This is short example of PPR in ADF.


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  • Lupercio Luppi

    Hi there Vinay,

    Just read your post. I need to refresh a table that is not in the same page as the “save” button.

    I saw that you had something with refreshing the page by java code. How can I retrieve the “toBeRefreshedPage” id to do that?

    The situation is as follows:
    Page A has a table where I can select an item and choose to update it…
    To update I am redirected to another page where I have some tabs and other stuff…
    After saving the updated data the original page (Page A) which has the table is not refreshed unless I perform another query on it..

    Can u help?



  • kamesh satyavolu

    Hii Vinay
    I want difference between pp Render and pp Refering.Do you have any idea.