Dealing with Multiple Outlook profiles

Recently I was on client site of one of my companies prestigious client for the gathering of some new business requirement and understanding of their existing work model. I faced a typical yet very common problem which i think most of you have faced on your clientele’ visit.

Dealing with multiple outlook profiles specially when you are for a long term client site visit and had to juggle between your company mail account and a new mail id provided by your client to interact with their technical/Business team.

So, here is one common solution which i think most of you might be aware but this blog entry is for those who are still uaware of it. 🙂

The answer is “Extra Outlook”

Steps to configure:

1. Download Extra Outlook from,
2. Create a new profile in outlook. Control Panel -> Mail -> Add,
3. Create a bat file with the entry,
extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\outlook.exe” /profile “New Profile”
4. Save the file with extension “.bat”,
5. Open the first instance normally by the outlook icon provided in the start menu,
6. Open second instance by running the bat file from command prompt or by double click.


1. Keep the bat file in same folder where the extraoutlook.exe is kept,
2. Provide the outlook.exe path as per your machine installation.

Umesh Mehra

Lead Engineer, Global Logic, Noida, India

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