Book Review: Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials

The folks at Packt asked me to review one of their book on Developing Web Applications with Oracle ADF Essentials of stenvesterli .If you are interested in buying it .
You can get it from

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This book contains 8 chapter –

Chapter 1. My First ADF Essentials Application
– How to install MySql,JDK, Glassfish.
– How you can setup jdev and ADF essential.

Chapter 2. Creating Business Services
– Give depth knowledge of ADF BC
– Creating sample application in ADF BC and testing.

Chapter 3. Creating Task Flows and Pages
– How you can create pages
– How to work in taskflow. Explanation of task flow.I really liked.

Chapter 4. Adding Business Logic
– Adding custom login in BC classes
– Adding logic to UI
– Sample application

Chapter 5. Building Enterprise Applications
– How to structure your code ,Using sub version.
– How to create libraries in ADF
– Creating sample application and use these features
Chapter 6. Debugging ADF Applications
– How to use ADF logging.
– How to do logging in Glassfish
– How you can do debugging in Jdeveloper
Chapter 7. Securing an ADF Essentials Application
– Most interesting chapter for me.Clearly explained APache shiro .
– Advanced features of Apache shiro.
– Implementation Authorization
Chapter 8. Build and Deploy
– Another interesting topic.How you can build Application
– creating script and deploying in glassfish.
– Advanced topoc for preparing application for go live.

Good and detailed explanation of ADF essentials what are limitations and how to overcome on it. This book not only cover ADF essentail but whole ADF except ADF security.
Very usefull if you want to run your app on glassfish,Jboss or tomcat.Creatomg build script for ADF developer is really usefull. Someone who starting ADF learning, i would really recommend for him

Happy learning with Vinay in techartifact….


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