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I am writing this post as an extension to my previous post
10 most Useful resources for jQuery across the web which got an overwhelming response from the people. I recently found out some more good links. Also including the links which some readers on the previous post suggested.

So here are the additional new links:

  1. The following link is an amazing look up for all kinds of small tasks in jquery.
    jQuery HowTo’s
  2. Then we have 2 more How to in Jquery

  3. JQuery HowTo
  5. VisualJquery.This link provides the information about any jquery methods with examples in a very interactive way.Its an amazing reference for Jquery methods.
  6. jQuery BlockUI Plugin: Jquery implementation for the modal popup. Its a jquery plug in named blockUI and is very popular among the developers.
  7. JQuery Tools Scrollable:A plugin to Scroll the HTML like and eye candy.
  8. Impromptu: Showing beautiful message boxes in Asp.Net web forms using JQuery Impromptu
  9. jQuery Cycle Plugin: The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a lightweight slideshow plugin. Provides amazing UI effects.
  10. Now we have client side implementation of Gridview paging using Jquery. The code demonstrates the use ajax() method of jquery receiving the JSON data from as well. Powerful practical learning for jquery beginners.

  11. jQuery & :- How to implement paging,sorting and filtering on a client side grid using,jTemplates and JSON
  12. And last but the most Important one

  13. The Ultimate Jquery List: Ultimate list of all Jquery resources

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