Open Source Flash Charts

We frequently require flash charts to present data in an effective way on our websites. for this purpose we can use paid charting controls as provided by ComponentArt or Telerik.

What if we get good effect with an open source control?

Open Flash Chart
Recently came across this open source Flash charting control.I found the UI effect as quite impressive.

It provides all types of commonly used charts like
# Bar Chart
# 3D Bar Chart
# Glass Bar Chart
# Fade Bar Chart
# Sketch Bars
# Area Chart
# Area Chart – 2
# Bars + Lines
# Pie Chart
# Pie Chart Links
# Scatter Chart
# Mixed Scatter
# High Low Close
# Candle

ASP.NET Integeration
The control come with a .NET Helper classes which allows us to integrate the charts easily with our web sites.
Library and Tutorials can be found here.

Hope this is useful to developers. Please drop a comment if you find the article useful or for any further queries.

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